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14 Highest Mountains in the World

Introduction  30 June 2022 , Adventure Mountain Treks , Highest Mountains The Eight-Thousanders are the peak that is above 8000m height above the sea level. There are 14 highest peak in the world. The Himalayas are nearly all found in south and central Asia, as a result of a collision between the Indian and Eurasia […]

Nepal Intends to shift Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp(EBC) is located at 5,364m on the lap of Khumbu glacier. The most famous Himalayan Trekking Site of whole world is facing significance threat from global warming and human activities and solution is to shift Everest Base Camp. Hundreds of climbers and trekkers visit EBC Every year maximum at spring climbing season. Nepal […]

Nepali Plane Tara Air’s “9 NAET” on board from Pokhara to Jomsom goes missing.

Tara Airs 9 NAET dual-engine was a scheduled national passenger flight that disappeared on 29 May 2022 while flying from Pokhara to the planned destination Jomsom. According to the authentic source, all the contact with aircraft was lost after a few minutes. It was carrying a total of 22 passengers among them 4 were Indians, [...]

Gabby Kanzary-The youngest Australian to climb Mount Everest

At 19 years of age, Gabby Kanzary becomes the youngest Australian to climb Mount Everest. What made the summit so special was she was accompanied by her mother Jane Kanizay 52 years old and become the few mother-daughter duos to reach the summit together.     How did the  Everest Journey start?   Jane Kanizay […]

Kami Rita -A record,26th Everest Climb

  Kami Rita made a record,26th Everest Climb. Kami Rita Sherpa makes the record for 26th Mt. Everest Climbing. Kami Rita Sherpa was leading the rope fixing team with 10 other sherpas  achieve the summit on 5/07/2022 while fixing the ropes for the upcoming Everest Expedition. Born in 1970, in a beautiful sherpa village of […]

Off the beaten trekking trails

Nepal gives worldwide tourists an excellent opportunity to be part of various off-the-beaten trekking trails and thereby, gain a wilderness experience in both cultural and natural aspects of the country.

Restricted Area Trekking Permit

The word restricted simply means you need special permission to enter a restricted place.There must be minimum of 2 people to issue this permit .

Nepal Peak Climbing Fees

the detailed price list of peak climbing expedition in Nepal.

Top Things to do in Nepal

Top Things To Do In Nepal ,”Trekking, Peak Climbing, Expeditions, MTB, rafting, bungy jumping & paragliding.” Visit our website for more detailed info…