Gabby Kanzary-The youngest Australian to climb Mount Everest

At 19 years of age, Gabby Kanzary becomes the youngest Australian to climb Mount Everest. What made the summit so special was she was accompanied by her mother Jane Kanizay 52 years old and become the few mother-daughter duos to reach the summit together.

The youngest Australian to climb Mount Everest




How did the  Everest Journey start?


Jane Kanizay wanted to have some adventure with her daughter. The idea of having a one-on-one holiday with her children seemed to be a lightbulb moment and so was the case with Jane Kanizay, so she booked a trip to Everest Base Camp with her daughter Gabby Kanizay who was then 14 years old. Gabby immediately fell in love with Everest.

” I just came here and fell in love with the atmosphere. I fell in love with the people who work here and you’re just surrounded by these enormous mountains,” Gabby said.

When she was 17 years old, she returned back to the Himalayas and scaled her first peak Cho Oyo which made her the youngest female climber to achieve the summit.

“Once you get the desire to climb, it doesn’t really go away.” Gabby was preparing for the ultimate challenge of Everest. She was determined and motivated to achieve the summit but was too young and required a guardian and her adventurous mom jane decided to climb it too.

The duo was preparing for the climb in 2020 but Covid happened and their plans were stalled.

In 2022 when the situation was back to normal they both set their journey to the highest peak in the world, accompanied by their guide Tendi Sherpa and achieved the summit.

It was a wholesome moment for them as both mother and daughter were standing together at the summit.


Gabby and Jane in Himalayas

After summiting the Everest Gabby returned back to the death zone to ascend Everest’s neighbor, Lhoste which is at an elevation of 8516m and is the fourth-highest peak in the world.

“It’s right there. Why not?” Gabby asked from Base Camp on Tuesday.

Alyssa Azar, who was just a few months older than Gabby when she reached the summit in 2016 congratulated Gabby on her success as she became the youngest to achieve the summit.

Gabby’s transition from base camp to high-altitude mountaineering is anything but easy but she has proved that with determination and hard work anything is possible.

We would also like to give a special thanks to her mother  Jane Kanizay, for her incredible achievement and for shaping and mentoring Gabby for her achievement, 


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