Peak Climbing Checklist

If you are planning to go for adventure peak climbing . We need different types of gears for peak climbing and expeditions. You may be curious and searching for detailed info  about the gears or accessories you need for peak climbing. So, we have created peak climbing checklist page to help you. 

In order to make your experience better, we have a list of “General Checklists” & “Personal Checklists”. The general checklists are included in the package; we will take care of that. You only have to prepare on personal checklists.

Note: We provide all of your personal climbing equipment on a rental basis too.


1.General Peak Climbing Checklist

            Belay Device
            Fix and Main Rope
            Rock  Piktung
            Tape Sling
            Snow Bar
            Ascender/ Jumar
            All Camping and Kitchen Equipment


2. Personal Peak Climbing Checklist

            Descender /Finger 8
            Higu Thermos
            Climbing Boots
            Water Bottle
            Waterproof Trouser


This page only contains the peak climbing checklist, you may have to check our Ultimate Trekking Checklist.


If You are having any confusion, coordinate with our adventure expert via “Contact Page”.

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