Off the beaten trekking trails

Nepal gives worldwide tourists an excellent opportunity to be part of various off-the-beaten trekking trails and thereby, gain a wilderness experience in both cultural and natural aspects of the country. Trekkers may observe the various isolated mountain and villages of Nepal, where people survive and earn living by growing food of their own.

Noticing fact, in this case, is that people staying in Nepal’s hilly regions and their respective cultures remain unaffected from the modern civilization. However, despite it, they lead a happy life with their own culture and civilization. Thus, exploring such areas on your trekking trails will obviously give you a huge pleasure and off-the-beaten trek/trail experiences.


Royal Trek

Royal Trek highlights a true picture of Nepal’s uniqueness and lets you capture traditional lifestyles followed by local tribal people, as their ancient religious traditions and practices have remained untouched by the modern world even for about a thousand years. This trek passes from the foothills of the famous Annapurna region and brings close to the diversified mixture of people and their cultures inhabiting the region. Here, your mountain trail journey will accompany the magnificent Annapurna mountain range, eloquent rice terraces of the hillside, Langtang, and Machapuchhre Mountains.

Lower Dolpo Trek

Lower Dolpo trek passes from the famous Shey-Phoksundo National Park are combined with spectacular views of the mountains, yak caravans, and monasteries of the Buddhist religion. In fact, the trek allows you to explore the Dolpo culture and many barren landscapes, which resemble the nearby Tibetan Plateau. In addition, the trek lets you visit Phokhsundo, recognized as the deepest lake of the Himalayan region across the world. If this is not enough, during your Lower Dolpo Trek, you may identify the traditional route between Nepal and Tibet known as the Salt Trade Route, in which you will find Yak Caravans for all time.

Kanchenjunga Trek

If you are a nature enthusiast, you should definitely go for Kanchenjunga Trek, an off-the-beaten trek and an adventurous trek to the beautiful and remote area of the Himalayan region in the eastern region of Nepal. Located at the height of 8586m, Kanchenjunga constitutes the worldwide third highest mountain and it belongs to the far northeast part of Nepal with Sikkim, as its border from India. A large number of mountaineers perceive it as a beautiful mountain massif across the world. The name Kanchenjunga implies five treasures present in the great snow, which refers to five major summits of Kanchenjunga.

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Therefore, off the beaten trails in Nepal are the best options for all individuals want to explore the Nepal’s true colors, including unspoiled fauna and flora, exceptional mountain views, exotic cultures, unspoiled villages, alpine wilderness and beaten mountain trails and many more.

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