Seven mistakes To Avoid When Climbing a Mountain

mistakes to avoid
Mistakes To Avoid During Peak Climbing

If you are an adventure-loving person then mountain climbing is surely one of your wishes on your bucket list. Before you climb a mountain you must remember these common mistakes and try avoiding them.

Not Choosing Proper Company

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First and foremost while subscribing the peak climbing packages climbers should do detailed research and choose a proper company . Which are responsible, trustworthy, affiliated by the authorities  ,well experienced and proficient in their task. There may arise various issues while not choosing a proper company . If you don’t choose a proper company you may not get the quality service you deserve . They may charge you more and compromise on the facility you are worth of . If by any chance any accidents take place they will not take the responsibility . A proper company will take whole responsibility and make sure that you will gain every service possible making your climbing experience fun and adventurous. Handing climbers with the professional guides who are well experienced and have the vast knowledge regarding peak climbing, equipment setups, knowledge of the history, geographical land structures , climates and social and political aspects. Hence, The service you gain directly depends upon the company you choose so, choosing a proper company has most significance during peak climbing.

Lack Of Proper Training

mistakes to avoid

Train Well Before Climbing

Obviously, mountaineering requires a person to be fit but surprisingly lots of trekkers arrive at a mountain without appropriate preparation. This is often due to a lack of access. The proper way to train to climb a mountain is to climb lots of hills with a bag pack on, and many people don’t live near hills. Training in the gym and doing weights only will not be helpful rather you need to do stamina and cardio training like cross fit, ergo meter, circuit training, and running machines. Swimming is also the best way to maintain your heart health at altitude and the muscle groups you must concentrate on are the thighs and calf muscles.

Train yourself appropriately for your mountain trip and you’ll achieve the peak with more ease.

Hurrying While Elevating

Exhausted climber

Exhausted Climber

Boastfully, fit young males fizzle on big mountains because they think of it as a robust challenge and an act of bravery to get there fastest and get exhausted easily and might get sick and fail. Fitness and patience are the key factors you must have while ascending big mountains instead of being boastful and cocky . Enjoying the glimpse of the beautiful landscape and gaining experience instead of trying to conquer the mountain in a hurry is far more delightful and pleasant.

Not having the appropriate diet and proper hydration

Mountaineering diet

Appropriate Diet & Proper Hydration

On a mountain climb, if you are not fueling yourself with enough calories and water you will be exhausted soon due to dehydration and lack of energy . Some people prefer to take the food favoring their taste buds, which will eventually make them fatigued after a few steps only. You should know that in big mountains you burn double or triple the calories and water then you do at sea level, so you need to bulk up on slow-burning carbs and drink adequate amount of water. The problem is that gulping down on a huge bowl of porridge early morning is not easy. The Sherpas will pack away a great batch of “tsampa” or roasted barley and it lasts them the whole day. Not eating the proper and enough meal and not drinking enough water will guarantee to come to an end of your expedition.

Improper Equipment Setup and Checkup 

Climbing Gadgets

Climbing Gadgets

Equipment are the backbone of the peak climbing. Without equipment peak climbing is impossible. And there comes the importance of proper equipment setups and checkups. During climbing they play an vital importance on carrying you to the summit, and occasionally could mean the difference between life and death. That is why, You might as well have to look at some of the essential kits required during your mountaineering quest. If you are an experienced mountaineer, you are probably familiar with such gears. For others who are new to peak climbing, you should be familiar with the gears that you will carry along for the trip.

Ignoring ‘hot spots on your feet when you’re walking

Blisters While Climbing

Blisters can be a very painful experience!

If you have climbed a mountain, you might have experienced the formation of blisters on the sole of your feet. It’s called a hot spot. If you consider ignoring it, you might suffer from its painful experience, and can stop you quicker than you imagine. Before that redness has turned into a sensitive bag of clear fluid (serum) and can easily become infected and fill with pus you need to take a rest.

Not Following The Climbing Guides Commands properly 

Guider Climbing

Guider on work

Guider take all of the responsibility of the climbers. Guiders will make sure to provide you every services possible. They will make sure to bring every climbers safely back to the home helping them reach the summit. They are well experienced and know how to conduct any climbing plans. Soo, Not following the climbing guides commands properly may result in various consequences. A guider knows all the areas where we should be caution . If you avoid his guidelines you may be in serious problem. It may be the matter of life and death. Soo, Everyone should consider to follow the climbing guidelines provided by the guiders.

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