Upper Mustang Tiji Festival Trek 2023


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Trip Highlights:

Tiji festival is a fascinating annual three-day festival consisting of Tibetan rituals that celebrate the myth of a son who had to save the Mustang kingdom from destruction. There are two different meanings as local people believe:

“Tiji” comes from the words ten che, meaning the “hope of the dharma prevailing in all worlds,” the message Guru Rinpoche carried through this region over a thousand years ago. "Tiji" the name is an abbreviation of the word "Tempa Chirim" which means "Prayer for World Peace". This festival commemorates the victory of Lord Buddha's incarnation Dorjee Sonnu over a demon called Man Tam Ru a vicious creature feeding on human beings and causing storms and droughts.

The Tiji festival usually takes place around Mid May and early June for 3 days. The monks of Lo Manthang's "Choedhe" monastery perform ritual dances during the celebration. The harassment of Ma Tam Ru Ta (in a dance called "Tsa Chham" on the first day), the birth of Dorjee Sonnu as the demon's son (on the second day called "Nga Chham"), and then attempt to return the demon to Lord Buddha's realm (on the third and final day) are enacted during the performances.

Trip Introduction:

The privilege to trek towards the world's most preserved area with a thrilling experience is a wonderful experience to hold once in a time. Upper Mustang region Known as the "Last Forbidden Kingdom" is now opened since 1992 for trekkers with special authority to which a permit approved by Nepal Government is given; after all the preservation of hidden arts, cultures, and primitive lifestyle of Himalaya people resides within this territory. Take a flight from Pokhara to Jomsom where the trek starts towards the Upper Mustang making it away from the unique place named "Kagbeni".

The man-made caves at Lo-Manthang at the higher cliffs seem to be a hidden story being hypothesized by many local people which can be true and lefts everyone wonder-struck. From Lo-Manthang with a spectacular picturesque of Upper Mustang to have the perfect taste of trekking to a wondrous land making a match up to extreme joy. The never-ending beauty of the Upper Mustang gives an adventure that is experienced one in a lifetime. Capture it from every corner.


Day by Day Itinerary

31 April 2023 Arrive in Kathmandu, transfer to hotel.

After you reach Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport, our representative would pick you up at the airport’s entry gate and thereby, transfer you to the nearby hotel. In case of persisting time, you may visit Kathmandu city or rest in your hotel.
Accommodation: Hotel or Resort as per your request.
Meal includes Breakfast. In general, we prefer BB plan for your stay in cities so you can choose varieties of tastes in different restaurants around the city

1 May 2023 Sightseeing tour in Kathmandu.

Today we will be visiting the world heritages sites in Kathmandu and explore its rich cultural history

2 May 2023 Drive or Fly to Pokhara.

Once you explore the historical valley of Kathmandu, you will get opportunity to move towards a popular tourist destination named Pokhara and explore pokhara. If you want a drive then, you would be able to view Trishuli River across your way and during early afternoon hour, you would be able to visit Pokhara.

3 May 2023 Fly to Jomsom (2,800m) and trek to Kagbeni (2,810m) (20min fly and 3-4 hrs walk).

Trekkers should wake up as early as possible to take a flight of about 35 minutes to reach at Jomsom. During this time, you will be able to view few of the amazing naturistic views from the window of your airplane. Once you land in Jomsom, you will move ahead for your trek towards Kagbeni. By walking for about 3 to 4 hours, you will be able to reach at Kagbeni before sunset. In this way, you would end up with ample time for strolling across the entire village.

4 May 2023 Trek from Kagbeni to Chele (3,080m) (5-6 hrs walk).

By passing from few rivers on a series comprised of various small ridges, trekkers would be able to move ahead towards Chele. During the complete trip, individuals will get the opportunity to find many white, red and black Chortens recognized as hallmarks of the popular upper Mustang region.

5 May 2023 Trek from Chele to Ghilling (3,570m) (7-8 hrs walk)

Trekking from Chele towards Geling would continue during the morning time by hiking on various undulated mountain trails. Finally, on this day, you will be able to visit a small village of the district, where you find painted buildings in red color, which symbolizes the region’s famous monasteries.

6 May 2023 Trek from Ghilling to Dhamkar (3,820m/12,529ft altitude)

We will continue with our trek from Geling to reach Dhakmar. Here, you will find an oldest Tibet monastery named Lo Gekar Monastery built during the eighth century by a worldwide famous magician of Tibet named Guru Rinpoche

7 May 2023 Trek from Dhamkar to Lo Manthang (3,730m) (4-5 hrs walk)

On our 8th day of trekking, our trail will broaden and let us get the first view of Lo Manthang, known popularly as the walled city. Since the city has a single entrance, we have to circumambulate the wall towards the gate present on its northeastern corner. We will start with our return journey via the upper highland route and again get dramatic views of the Charang Valley and Lo Manthang, along with snow cladding peaks in the background. Just before our settlement at Ko Gear, we will reach the Mustang’s oldest monastery named Ghare Gompa and finally have an overnight stay at Lo-Manthang.

8 May 2023 Witness the Tiji festival starting in the afternoon (3900m./12870ft. )

The first day of the festival, there is going to be a huge celebration. An ancient and enormous three stories high Thanka is unrolled down the entire south wall of the square. The thanka portrays Padma Sambhava or Guru Rimpoche who brought this ceremony to Tibet in the 8th century. Eleven lamas in maroon and gold, wearing high red hats, come from the palace and take their places along the wall beneath the Thanka. The monks and lamas commence sacred chanting. Later, a masked dance starts that enacts the myth of the Tiji festival. Dorje Jono, the incarnation of Buddha, repels the demon through the power of his magical dancing. At the end of the dance, Dorje Jono kills the demon, after which his people are relieved of their plague of misfortunes, water becomes plentiful once more, and the balance and harmony of existence are restored. Overnight local lodge.

9 May 2023Tiji Festival Day 2

Numbers of Loba arrive from the outlying hamlets, and the small square is thronged with people, with all of the women and children, in traditional dress. The Royal of Mustang is present today. The costumes and masks, the twelve-foot horns, the gold cups of wheat, the butter cakes, the snow peaks and wind and dust and sun, the mehti, snow leopard, snow pigeons, saligrams, the dying glacier and the desert ruins, the drunks and rajas and foreigners, the dogs and yaks. Tantra! . Overnight local lodge.

10 May 2023 Tiji Festival Day 3

Tiji ends with the ceremonial destruction of the evil remains. The demons are set out on an old tiger skin, whereupon they are attacked by bow and arrow, slings, and the old guns. The poor devil's remains are overturned upon the ground. The day brings the festival to end performing all mythological stories. People are now relieved, happy for the good days to follow. After all, they have ended the reign of the Devil. Overnight local lodge..

11 May 2023 Trek from Yara to Tanggye (3,240ft/10,627ft altitude.

Today, we will take to reach Tanggye by walking for about 4 to 5 hours. During our walk, we can get continuous views of mountains.

12 May 2023 Trek from Tanggye to Chuksang (3,050m/10,004ft altitude)

We will trek via deep ridges and landscapes to hit the entire valley of Kali Gandaki and finally reaches to a high altitude village named Chuksang..

13 May 2023 Trek from Chuksang to Jomsom (2,730m/8,954ft altitude)

Today, we will take to reach Tanggye by walking for about 4 to 5 hours. During our walk, we can get continuous views of mountains.

14 May 2023 Fly to Pokhara. Sightseeing, boating or free for any other personal activities

We will wind up our trekking tour by taking a local flight to Pokhara. Here, you may participate in different activities, boating, sightseeing and other personal activities.

15 May 2023Drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu

Now, we will drive back from Pokhara to reach at the capital city Kathmandu.

16 May 2023 Spare day. Free for personal activities or additional activities on request.

Here, you will again get a spare day to view the beauties of Kathmandu City and be the part of shopping and various personal activities. In the evening, join with our dinner program with authentic Nepali cultural program..

17 May 2023 Farewell, departure transfer to Tribhuvan International Airport.

Our team will depart you to the Tribhuvan International Airport, from where you will get the flight as per your own chosen schedule.