Kailash Guge Kingdom Tour

9 - 12 Days

Kailash Guge Kingdom Tour



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10 Years, 3 Years

Trip Introduction

Kailash Guge Kingdom Tour constitutes one of the frequently visited holy destinations belonging to the far western region in Tibet. According to Hindu Mythology, Mountain Kailash is the abode to the almighty Lord Shiva and a holy center among various religious groups, including Buddhists and Hindus.

The Mount Kailash visit is not only for climbing purposes but also for a visit as a circuit or KORA of 52km long. As per the legends, immortal Lord Shiva resides at Mount Kailash, where he spent time by making an enjoyable life with Parbati, his divine companion, practicing Yoga and smoking Ganja (a sacred marijuana herb). Other than this, you will be able to visit the Guge Kingdom, which has its main centers as Tholing, Tsaparang and Zanda valleys, known mainly as the ruins prefecture of the Tibetan region.

Trip Highlights

Trip Overview
  • Guge, an ancient kingdom, and Kailash Mansarovar, a sacred place are
    the two most frequently visited sacred destinations of western Tibet.
  • Monasteries belonging to the ancient kingdom in Guge are of hundred
    years, but they are until and unless remain in splendid condition. These
    monasteries mainly narrate various stories about the Gautam Buddha.
  • The tour to the Kailash Guge Kingdom involves trekking for 3 days
    across Mount Kailash. The trip commences with a drive to Kathmandu to
    get panoramic views of the Himalayan mountains from both Nepal and Tibet.
  • Finally, the tour to the Kailash Guge Kingdom explores the real culture, religion, and tradition of Tibet.


Day by Day Itinerary

Day 01: Drive to Nyalam for Overnight Stay House (3700m).

We will drive from Kathmandu to reach to the guest house in Nyalam at about 3700 meters. During the tour, you will be able to view countless scenic beauties by passing from Dhulikhel, Bhaktapur, and similar others.

Day 02: Nyalam to New Dongba ( 4600m, 390km).

Today, we will take you to New Dongba. On this day, we will pass from large numbers of camps and villages comprised of yak herders, while by reaching at South, you may view snow-capped mountain peaks. Most of the times, you have to drive in plain areas.

Day 03: Journey to Mansarovar at 4558m Overnight Stay.

Today, our team will take you to Mansarovar, from where you may get the first view of the highest freshwater lake named Lake Mansarovar and Holy Mount Kailash. In addition, you may also be able to view a small village nearby the Holy Mansarovar Lake i.e. Hore. Moreover, you will be the part of Mansarovar Lake Parikrama via bus.

Day 04: Exploring Mansarovar Lake and drive for 40km to Tarchen (4575m).

Mansarovar Lake is known as the lake of bliss, tranquility and compassion. Hence, after we complete the sacred bath as well as exploration of Mansarovar Lake in the morning, we will move ahead to Darchen/Tarchen, the base camp of Kailash Parikrama. Meanwhile, we will visit to Chui Gompa.

Day 05: Tarchen to Tarboche and trek to the Dirapuk at 4909m.

Now, we will drive to the valley of Tarboche, the beginning point of the sacred Kailash Parikrama. Even tourists call it Asthapath and it comprises beautifully arranged small rocky mountains, waterfalls, and some of the clouds in the clear yet blue sky. This gives you the feeling about the presence of almighty Lord Shiva at every place with his tons of blessings.

Day 06: Dirapuk to Zuthukpuk via Dolma La Pass at 5613m (110km, 4600m).

Today, our team will give you the opportunity to climb the famous Dolma La Pass height at about 5613m and later on, move gradually at the height of 4760m to Zuthulpuk.

Day 07: Zulthulpuk to the Mansarovar Lake by passing from Darchen (10km).

We will view the beauties of Zulthulpuk by exploring temples, caves and shrines nearby the Milarepa cave. Later on, we will start walking at the flat land for 3 hours nearby Darchen and to reach the Mansarovar Lake.

Day 08: Drive to Zanda at (3650m/11975ft) to visit Tirthapuri.

Our team will drive across the bank of the famous Sutlej River to visit Tirthapuri by driving for 4 hours. Tirthapuri has a close association with Guru Rinpoche i.e. Padmasambhava of the Buddhist religion. Hence, we will hike upwards to view monasteries highlighting the footprints of the famous Guru Rinpoche. We will end our trekking activity for the day by reaching at the town of Zanda/Thada and opt for an overnight stay.

Day 09: Visit the Guge Kingdom via exploration to Tholing and Tsaparang Valley.

Today, we will explore the Tsaparang valley and Tholing region to visit the famous Guge Kingdom. Here, you will find many famous monasteries and ruins of the ancient period. Majority of the valleys will highlight the culture of Buddhism.

Day 10: Drive back to the Lake Mansarovar.

Now, we will start with driving back from the historic Guge Kingdom to reach the Lake Mansarovar.

Day 11: Mansarovar Lake to Saga and finally to Nyalam.

Once we explore the famous Mount Kailash and the Lake Mansarovar, we will move from the same route to return to Saga. Later on, we will reach at Nyalam by driving about 35km.

Now, our team will take you to your hotel in Kathmandu, so that you may start with the preparation of returning to your native country.