Ganden Samye Trek

9 - 12 Days

Ganden Samye Trek


Adventure Trekking




5 Years

Trip Introduction

Ganden Samye Trek is one of the popular trekking tour routes for travelers in Tibet. The complete trail allows you to cross a few of the beautiful alpine trees, lakes, 2 mountain passes and gives you a glimpse of nomad life.

The trek commences by traveling about 32 kilometers from Lhasa to reach the Garden Monastery of 4180m height via road and above the nearby Kyichu River, while it ends at another famous Samye Monastery. Here, you will find a temple named Utse at Samye that represents Mount Meru, while forms the center of the entire Universe.

Ganden – Samye Valley Trek's initial 2 days will allow experiencing sightseeing in Lhasa. Here, you will be able to explore major highlighted tourist spots, which include the traditional Bharkhor Market of Tibet, Dalai Lama’s summer Place named Norbulinka, Sera Monastery, Potala Place, and Jokhang Temple.

Trip Highlights

  • Tourists will get a memorable trekking experience while they follow
    the famous route commencing from Ganden Monastery to up to Samye
  • You will explore countless beautiful landscapes while moving towards
    the high plateau region and many peaceful local yet rural villages
    during your entire trek.
  • Tourists will be able to view sacred sights of Lhasa, the holy city
    of Tibet (roof of the world). These include Jokhang Temple, Potala
    Palace and many more.


Day by Day Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival at Lhasa.

We welcome our tourists to the capital city Lhasa in Tibet, the roof of the world. Our local tour guide will meet you at the airport and take you to the nearby hotel for overnight stay.

Day 02: Exploration of the Lhasa City.

Today we will allow our tourists to explore the entire city of Lhasa by visiting its few landmarks. Firstly, we will take you to the Potala Palace recognized as a beautiful architectural building worldwide. Tourists may climb the palace by following zig-zag paths of stone with red and white-colored walls at its top, from where you may view the exotic architecture in Tibetan style. On the other side, walking in its inner region lets us find many stately chapels and acquire knowledge about the history of Potala Palace. We will continue with our exploration to reach the Jokhang Temple, recognized as a spiritual temple of Buddhists in Tibet. Local area people also called this temple the Buddha House, because you will find precious Jowo Rinpoche inside it, which is of 5 feet and highlights the image of the learned Shakyamuni when he was of only 12 years. Lastly, we will explore the renowned Barkhor Street on our second-day tour. This is a wide and circular street encircling the entire Jokhang Temple. The street has large numbers of shops associated with selling varieties of traditional goods belonging to Tibetan culture, religious items, and exclusive handicrafts.

Day 03: Second Day Exploration of the Lhasa City.

We will visit Norbulingka, the previous summer palace of Tibetan Dalai Lamas during the ancient period. Norbulingka is famous for its private palaces, Potrang, and for highlighting the grandiose style and architecture of Tibet. Later on, we will go for a drive towards the western outskirt region of Lhasa and enjoy a visit to the Drepung Monastery. History reveals that large numbers of famous leaders of Tibet and most of the Dalai Lamas studied at this monastery, so Tibetans respectfully call it the “Mother School of Dalai Lamas”. During the afternoon time, we will reach the second well-known Sera Monastery, which is famous for the unique Buddhism Debating. Finally, we will return to the city for rest and acclimation.

Day 04: Trek to the Ganden Monastery from Lhasa (45km).

Today, we will have a short drive of about 45km from the city of Lhasa to the Ganden Monastery located at the height of about 4,500meters. Here, we will explore various attractions nearby and within the Ganden town that constitutes the home for various early monasteries belonging to the Gelugpa sect of Tibet’s Buddhists.

Day 05: Trek to Yama Do (17km).

Our team will start with today’s trek from the Ganden’s highest point across an ancient trail and capture scenic beauties of nature. By walking across the ridge of Hepu village and via Ani Pagong, we will ascend towards Yama Do.

Day 06: Trek to the Tsotup Valley (10km).

We will start with our trek in the early morning from Yama Do and pass through a steep gully towards the river banks. We will climb to the famous Shug La Pass and start with our descent via glacial boulder fields. Tsotup Chup constitutes a large stream flowing from the valley, while we will cross it to the end of our trek.

Day 07: Trek to the Herder Camp via Chitu La Pass.

Today, we will start our trek from Tsotup Chu to travel through the rocky Chitu La mountain pass. Later on, we will walk across the Herder camp and go for an overnight stay.

Day 08: Trek to Wango and to Samye Valley (25km).

On this day, you will experience a 6hours trek to reach Wango by following a trail consisting of water rivulets and fertile forests, shrubs, trees, blossoms, rhododendron forests, and meadow vistas. Along your way, you will be able to pass from Changtang village and opt to hike towards a sacred meditation site of Buddhists named Yamalung, while eventually, the trek will take you to Samye valley across a beautiful stream.

Day 09: Trek to Samye Monastery and Tsetang.

Starting from the site of the camp, we will experience a trek of two hours to reach the Samye Monastery and get spectacular views of Pisha as well as the vista of the famous Samye valley along our way. Later on, we will drive towards the third biggest Tibetan city i.e. to Tsetang..

Day 10: Sightseeing Tour at Tsetang and back to Lhasa.

Tsetang has obtained its name as the cradle of the famous Tibetan Civilization. Here, you will be able to visit two famous monasteries named Trundruk and Yumbulakang monasteries. Later on, we will return to Lhasa.