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Mt. Kailash Mansarovar Tour via EBC - 11 Days

Mt. Kailash Mansarovar Tour via EBC - 11 Days

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Trip Facts

Trip Overview

  • Tour lets you reach the Mount Kailash, recognized as the Precious
    Jewels of Snow among people of Tibet. The mountain is at the height of
    6714 meters from the level of the sea in the autonomous Tibetan region
    from China. In addition, Mount Kailash constitutes the originating point
    of four prominent Asian rivers named The Ganges, The Brahmaputra, The
    Sutlej, and The Indus.
  • Secondly, during your tour, you will be able to view Mansarovar
    Lake. According to the Sanskrit language, Manas implies consciousness or
    mind, while Sarovar implies Lake. Buddhist believed that Lord Buddha
    meditated across the Lake to obtain enlightenment.
  • Other than this, the tour gives an opportunity to pass through the
    Mount Everest Base Camp to get superb views of Himalayan Mountains,
    greeneries, beautiful landscapes and glimpses of Sherpa culture.

Mount Kailash and nearby Mansarovar Lake have obtained recognition as the sacred places among individuals belonging to almost every religion across the world. In fact, Hindus, Jains, Buddhist, and Tibetan people often visit the holy peak of Mount Kailash and the famous Mansarovar Lake, as they believe visiting the places are the best means to achieve Punya (good merits) and gain Mokshya (ultimate Salvation). Despite many hurdles associated with reaching Mount Kailash, it has succeeded to remain a famous pilgrimage destination across the world.

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