Types of Trekking in Nepal (Tea House, Camping & Home Stay)

 24  March 2022  Adventure Mountain Treks

types of trek

Different types of Trekking can be organized in distinct ways in Nepal.  Supported by crew team and necessary logistic supplies on a full board basis and other way staying at the teahouse for food, accommodation along the trek. These three types of trekking are ever most popular trekking arrangement in Nepal and besides some groups may also have partial service-based support of a guide, porters, and staying at local lodge. Adventure Mountain Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has been providing important information based on different types of trekking.

Camping Trek

Camping trek is a fully organized, adventurous, enjoyable, and supportive trek available for mountain trekkers. This type of trek is appropriate in various unbeaten trekking trail regions. Even trekkers call it to stay alive camping and they bring their own necessary trekking equipment, trekking gear, and food items during this trek.

Trekkers make their own tents and perform different activities, such as cooking different types of foods, dining, eating, and sleeping within the tent. They create a variety of tents to meet different purposes, such as a kitchen tent, a toilet tent, a cooking tent, and similar others. Along with this, porters remain available to carry weights of different types of equipment, cook varieties of food items, and perform a large number of assisting activities.

Here, trekking off the beaten trails often does not have teahouse accommodations, lodges, guesthouses, hotels, and similar others. These treks usually remain far from any other frequented trail and give wilderness experience in both cultural and natural aspects.

You may find remote mountain villages across the country, where people survive by simply growing the food on their own efforts and by remaining untouched by modern civilization. In this way, camping treks will give individuals a stunning experience of the rural civilization, development, and related economical aspects.

Tea House Trek

Teahouse trekking or lodge trekking is obviously a popular way to enjoy a trek in Nepal for both western and Nepalese people. In this trek, individuals get both accommodation facilities and meals in a teahouse.

In Nepal, the teahouse trek acts like popular trekking along with a large number of trails by stopping each night to have meals and sleep at any local teahouse. Meals depend mainly on the individual menus of a teahouse, which are usually the simple and basic meals consumed by the local people. Teahouses form a great place to meet and interact with local people and be a part of local culture and local hospitality.

Home Stay Trek

Homestay trek in Nepal lets individuals experience Nepal with magnificent geography, friendly people, and unique culture, and with few days of enjoyable homestay treks in the country. The trek gives an excellent opportunity to adopt the lifestyle and culture of local area people and give an overwhelming experience.