Best Time to Visit Nepal

The country of Nepal has always remained broadly temperate with its four main seasons centering across the monsoon and summer. When travelers have to consider the best time to visit the country, they should make sure to consider the schedule of most of the visitors and prioritization of mountains’ visibility.

Visit during Late September and Late November

It is one of the best seasons for Trekking and climbing activities in Nepal. For this reason, one should schedule the visit to Nepal during the season between late September and late November i.e. during the autumn peak season, when the weather remains dry and clear and there is neither too much cold nor too much hot in the high country or in the terrain lands respectively.

Another prime reason that justifies the visit of tourists during the autumn season in Nepal is that they get clear views of the mountains because of the washed away of dust and pollution via monsoon rains and thereby, experience an ultimate time to enjoy trekking activities. If this is not enough, visiting Nepal during the later weeks of September and November lets travelers enjoy two big festivals named Tihaar and Dasain, as both of them fall during the respective period.

Visit during Winter Months i.e. between December and January

Weather in Nepal during the months of December and January remains almost clear and stable. In this season, it is not a good idea to go to the mountains because of the too cold and high snow. Despite, there being no snowfall in Kathmandu; during the morning time, you may face the excessive and fierce cold, which may create difficulty for lodge-owners and force them to shut the shop completely. However, you may consider winter as the best time to visit Terai in Nepal. If you want to Know better about where to visit in the winter season visit our blog Trekking in Nepal in the Winter Season. Do you think it’s worth the challenge?

Visit in the Spring Season ranging from February to mid of April

The Spring season is another best season for trekking and climbing activities in Nepal, as it has warm weather and relatively long days. This time, you will find rhododendrons, blooming in the hills during the end of the period and with the cut of long grasses in the Terai region, the spring season gives the best time to visit Nepal. Even though the climate has increased heat, here you will be able to view wildlife.

Pre-monsoon Time i.e. during the middle of April to early June

Visit Nepal during the pre-monsoon period i.e. during the middle of April and early June bringing stifling heat, rain showers, and afternoon clouds. Moreover, the season brings edginess and intolerable temperature, because of which individuals avoid trekking in the high regions during this time. Upper Mustang Trekking always welcomes every trekker even during the monsoon season too because the place is called “rain shadow” where we do not feel too much rain during the monsoon.

Visit Nepal during Monsoons i.e. Mid June to Last Week of September

People of Nepal always welcome the monsoon every year, which typically starts from the middle of June and goes up to the last weeks of September. During this time, you will find green and alive fields with green shoots and rushing water, while the air remains clean, flowers bloom and butterflies remain everywhere. In addition, you will find vegetables and fresh fruits in the area in abundance.