10 Nepali Dishes You Should Try

Nepali Food

Nepali Food

Nepal is also very glorious for its hygienic food with a good nutrition value, although strange it may seem for an outsider, these dishes have been appreciated and passed down for generations. Fresh ingredients, organically grown vegetables, and the combination of several herbs and spices, Nepali foods have taken a special place inside the heart of so many travelers who come to visit Nepal. Below are the 10 Nepali foods you must give a try on your visit to Nepal and dazzle your taste bud.

Nepali Foods


1) Dal Bhat Tarkari (Thakali Khana)

Thakali Khana Set

Yummy!! Thakali Khana

Thakali Khana is a combination of Rice, Lentil, and Vegetables accompanied by meat(usually chicken or mutton) and pickles. Bhaat or rice is usually boiled; the daal is prepared from a variety of dried beans, lentils, and peas. Often accompanied by a side dish of spicy pickles, which are either freshly made or preserved to enhance the flavor of the entire meal. You can find these easily around you. Just look for Thakali Kitchen House around you and enjoy your order.

2) Chatamari


Chatamari ,Newari Cuisine

Chatamari (Nepali pizza) is a mixture of Pizza and Crepe if one wishes to compare it to the western culture. Yet, it is so distinct in taste. They are made using rice flour and topped with minced meat, vegetables, and eggs. As with Pizzas, there are several types of Chatamaris with many choices for toppings– Egg, Keema, Plain, Chhoila topping, etc. You can order this dish in Newari Khaja Ghar which is found abundantly inside Kathmandu Valley.

3) Mo Mo

momo nepal


When it comes to simple, delicious, one-meal dishes of Nepal, you can’t beat the famous MOMOS म:म:  served with a variety of dipping sauces. A traditional serving of meat-filled Momo dumplings, brimming with delicate and flavorful juices served with traditional tomato chutney and yellow chili-tomato-sesame seed sauce. These special dumplings are eaten in millions in an entire day. It is perhaps the most famous cherished dish in Nepal

4) Dhindo – Cornmeal, Millet, or Buckwheat Porridge



Dhindo is almost like oatmeal. It is very exotic, there’s no doubt about it. Some even consider it a national meal. It is like a thick porridge made using cornmeal, millet, or buckwheat. It is served with a dab of butter, curried vegetables, and pickled dried green leaves called Gundruk. You can also try it with meat curry.

5) Samay baji

Samay Baji

Samay Baji

Samay Baji (समय् बजि) is a traditional Newari dish. This is mostly served on auspicious occasions, get together, and festivals but has grown in popularity among travelers in recent years. Samay Baji consists of many items on a single plate. Among them are chatamari, beaten rice (Chyura), bara, barbecued and marinated buffalo meat (Chhoila), fried boiled egg, black soybeans(“Bhatmaas“), spicy potato salad(“Aalu-Wala”), finely cut ginger(known as “Palu”), boiled beans mixed with spices(“Bodi ko Achar“), green leaves(“Saag“). If you drink then it is recommended to have it with alcohol-specific to the “Newar Community” called “Ayla.

6) Chhoila

Chhoila Nepali food


Chhoila is  a typical Newari dish that consists of spiced grilled buffalo meat. Though the dish is traditionally popular with Buff, nowadays mutton, chicken & duck meat are also being used. Usually eaten with rice flakes (Chiura), this dish is typically very spicy, hot & mouth-watering. It is perhaps the most famous appetizer in the country. This can also be served with liquor.

7) Yomari



Yomari, also called Yamari, is a typical Newari festival delicacy, stuffed with scrumptious sesame filling. Yamari- “Ya” means “to like” and “Mari” means “Delicacy or bread”. It is a steamed dumpling that consists of an external covering of rice flour and an inner content of sweet substances such as chaku or khuwa. The delicacy plays a very important role in Newa society and is a key part of the festival of Yomari punhi. According to some, the triangular shape of the yamari is a symbolical representation of one half of the shadkona, the symbol of Saraswati, and wisdom.

8) Sel Roti


Selroti Nepal

Similar to doughnuts, these are mostly prepared during the festival of Dashain and Tihar. Depending on the family recipe, they are sometimes crispy and sometimes very soft. It is made of rice flour with adding customized flavors. A semi-liquid rice flour dough is usually prepared by adding milk, water, cooking oilsugargheebuttercardamomcloves, and other flavors of personal choice. The ingredients are mixed well by stirring. Once the semi-liquid dough is ready, it is deep-fried in boiling oil or ghee. The dough is poured by hand on homemade shortening or oil in a ring shape and cooked on high heat until it turns light brown on both sides. Two sticks called jhir in the local language, each 1 foot (30 cm) long are used for turning the bread while cooking.

9) Laphing

Keema Noodle

Keema Noodle

Although Laphing has its roots in the Tibetan culture, this spicy cold noodle made of Mung bean is similar to lentil, it is gelatinous in structure but the cold soup changes everything. The ensemble of soy sauce, chili paste, garlic, herbs, and spices plays an orchestra inside your mouth. Laphing is sometimes served dry as well which has everything besides the soup.

10) Juju dhau

Juju Dhau

Juju Dhau

The King of curds or Juju Dhau is a thick creamy, yogurt served in clay and is specially made using buffalo milk for its richness.

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